Buxton and High Peak Golf Club

Buxton and High Peak Golf Club – what can I say?

Upon such a good course, a pleasure to play

Xerxes the King of world famed renown

Though not knowing golf, he was never “one down”.


Oh! Golf! But you are the most glorious game

Never a pastime so healthy or sane

Always, aye, always will sportsmen love you

Never forgetting all the praise that’s your due.


Divots may fly, and cuss words as well

Heaven is above us and we ne’er think of hell

I cannot write of the glorious delight

Golf gives to everyone at their very first flight.


Happiness and good fellowship go hand in hand

Passions are quieted, and we all understand

Ever, aye, ever will you be to everyone

A game of the best and second to none.


Kings may fall and republics may rise

Golf will flourish, e’re fall the skies

Oh! May you always maintain your record to hand

It should be extolled by sportsmen in every land.


Friendships made on a golf course are always good

Courtesy reigns supreme, charity is understood

Long may golf flourish it’s a most glorious game

Unto all it brings health while to some it brings shame.


Buxton and High Peak Golf Course – long live your fame!



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